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Let Abby—author of "Is This Thing On?"—teach you how to make technology easy and accessible.

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My 4 Favorite Travel Gadgets

I want to stay organized, feel at home, and leave nothing behind when I travel. Having been out of commission for a few months recovering from being hit by a car, I’m very thankful to be on the road (or in the friendly skies) again promoting the newly revised “Is This Thing On?” A Friendly […]

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Do You YouTube?

There are certain website names that just stick with us. Even if you’re not a big website surfer, you’ve most likely heard of Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Well, today let’s learn what YouTube is all about. YouTube is a website that allows anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, along with access to the Internet, […]

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A reassuring, totally straightforward guide that introduces late bloomers, technophobes, and the digitally challenged to all the wonders of using a computer. Click here to learn more

Special resources for teachers and librarians

You librarians and teachers are my heroes! I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at over 120 public libraries across the country. I see how hard you work so I’ve put together some tools that I hope you find helpful. Feel free to print and distribute the guides I've provided or laminate the pages and set them out by your computer stations. You can even email them to someone who is homebound. Click here to learn more

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