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“Abby was a hit with our group. They responded more positively to her than any speaker since Bill Gates and Peter Norton appeared with us more than a few years ago. We would love to have her back.”
Stan Hungess, West Suburban Chicago Computer Society, IL

graphic-abby“Is This Thing On?” Navigating the Digital World – The digital divide widens with the rapid pace of new innovations and gadgets. What is out there and how it might benefit you can be lost in all the tech talk. Should you buy a tablet or a computer? Stick with your PC or move onto an Apple? How do you maximize your searches and why on earth do people want to share on Facebook? Abby helps “digital immigrants” (those baby boomers and beyond not born with a keyboard and mouse in hand) understand what everyone is talking about and how to decide what might work best for them.

How to be Smart with your Smartphone and Tablet Abby introduces you to the basics of how to enjoy your smartphone and tablet. You’ll learn how to protect your device with a passcode and save the battery life. You’ll discover out how to text and what on earth an emoji is along with the an introduction to the calendar, alarm, camera, GPS features and where to customize the settings. We’ll also discuss downloading apps, music, and books. Learn a few tricks to show your grandkids!

Tech Travel Tips, Best Travel Apps, and Great Travel Gadgets – Are you planning a trip soon – maybe out of the country or just across state lines? Abby talks about precautions you should take so you don’t come home to a smartphone bill thgraphic-resourceat’ll ruin your vacation after-glow. Learn about what great apps there are for your smartphone and tablet to help plan, navigate, and enjoy your trip. She has also handpicked some particularly helpful gadgets to make your travels easier and more streamlined.

How To Safely Surf The Internet And Find (Almost) Anything Online – Everyone is fearful of security breaches and identity theft. Abby walks you through how to create a memorable, safe, and unique password. She also shows how to get the most out of your searches online; to safely shop and bank online and shares recommendations for websites for travel, health, finance, and more.

Make Every Click Count – With our busy lives no one can spare time to search the computer for a lost photo or letter. Abby helps you organize and simplify computer files as well as show you how to protect your privacy and computer data. Learn how to find volunteer opportunities online and use your voice and your mouse to make a difference in your community and beyond.

Social Networking: What the Heck are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram???
Abby Stokes, author of “Is This Thing On?”, will explain what everyone’s talking about when they bring up Facebook,graphic-resources2 Twitter, and other social networking sites. She’ll also share how you can enjoy the benefits without risking the loss of your privacy.

Good Computer Habits: Ergonomics, Netiquette, and How to Make a Difference – Abby will discuss online netiquette for e-mail and blogging, tips on how to be sure you’re not hurting yourself when on the computer, and how to do good deeds with a click of the mouse.

There’s an App for That – What is an app and how do you add them to your smartphone or tablet? There are apps for entertainment, apps for education, and apps that allow you to monitor the utilities in your home. We’ll discuss those along with the best apps for travel, news, health, and weather.

Demystifying Computers – A reassuring, jargon-free talk to introduce late bloomers, grandparents, technophobes, and the digitally challenged to all the wonders of using a computer, e-mail, and the Internet. [This is really an ultimate beginner’s talk for people who’ve never used or are JUST starting out – super basic.]

10 Tips for Teaching Silver Surfers – For those computer users in the know who might be teaching computers to graphic-resourcesnew members. There are unique obstacles to teaching technology to a generation that not only wasn’t born with a computer mouse in their hand, but clearly remember when telephones were rotary dial. There are three motivating factors that inspire most silver surfers to take on the challenge of the computer – the Internet, e-mail, and a desire to not be left behind. Keeping those three objectives in mind, Abby shares her 10 tips on how to successfully bring the computer fearful on board and enjoy all the Internet has to offer.

Panel Topics

  • Purpose and Fulfillment in Mid and Later Life: Can It Be Found Online?
  • Aging Well Through Technology
  • The gap in perceptions, attitudes, and services between older adults and tech companies
  • Age-Friendly Online Strategies

“Abby is a wonderful speaker and communicator. She dazzled us with her knowledge, real-life stories, and encouragement. A large group in our audience was in the “I am afraid of computers” category. Abby was able to give them the knowledge, confidence, and encouragement to become computer users. . . . I would highly recommend Abby as a speaker. Abby has an ebullient, warm personality and an ability to communicate to all ages.”
Diane Durette, Program Coordinator, Newington Public Library, CT


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