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Welcome to the video tutorials page of Below are the videos referred to in “Is This Thing On?”. Be sure to scroll all the way down the page so you don’t miss any. You’ll also find the guides referred to in the book at the very bottom of the page.

If this is your first time watching a video online, may I suggest you click on the First Time Visitors page and watch Tips for Watching Videos on the Internet. Then come on back and enjoy!

Video #1 – Protect Your Mobile Device with a Passcode

(referred to in Chapter 11 “Shaking Hands” on p.108 and in Chapter 16 “Practical Precautions” on p.269)
Protect yourself and your technology in case of loss or theft. Here are the simple steps to create a passcode for your smartphone or tablet. I promise it’ll become second nature to type it in and you’ll thank me later. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #2 – Taming Apple’s Mouse

(from Chapter 12 “Getting to Know You” on p.184)
Apple’s mouse can be quite tricky to manipulate. Learn the taps, flicks, and clicks to conquering little rodent.  Click here for printable instructions.

Video #4 – Tips and Tricks for Deleting Emails

(mentioned in Chapter 14 “Shall We Dance” on p. 229)
Is your Inbox overrun with emails you no longer need or want? I’ll let you in on the quickest and most efficient ways to delete lots of emails at one time. Poof – they’re gone!
Click here for printable instructions.

Video #5 – Rid Yourself of Spam Emails on a Tablet

(Chapter 16 “Practical Precautions” found on p. 258)
Don’t you HATE junk mail? As taught in “Is This Thing On?” with your computer, with this video learn to appropriately dispose of your junk emails, on your tablet (or smartphone), to help your email service filter out spam in the future. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #6 – Deleting History

(from Chapter 16 “Practical Precautions” on p.262)
What if you don’t want anyone, who has access to your computer, to see the websites you’ve been viewing? Let me show you how to delete the history of where you’ve visited online…no questions asked. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #7 – How to Turn Your Emoji On

(referred to in Chapter 17 “Advanced Email” on p.276 and again in Chapter 18 “Phone It In” on p.310)
How do people insert those cute little images in their emails and texts? They’re called emojis. Let me show you how you can have fun with emojis too. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #8 – How to Copy and Paste on a Tablet

(Chapter 17 “Advanced Email” found on p. 279)
In “Is This Thing On?” I showed you how to copy and paste on a computer. Let’s learn to do the same on your tablet (or smartphone). Click here for printable instructions.

Video #9 – Battery Saving Tips for Your Smartphone

(as mentioned in Chapter 18 “Phone It In” on p.298)
The last thing you want to have happen is the battery on your smartphone (or tablet) pooping out when you need it most. Here are several ways you can save energy with your handheld device. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #10 – Texting Tips

(Chapter 18 “Phone It In” on p.310)
How do those kids go so fast when they’re texting? And what on earth do all those abbreviations mean? Stick with me, Kid, and I’ll show you all the tricks to master the art of texting. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #11 – Enhance Your Photos

(as mentioned in Chapter 19 “Picture This” on p.328)
You can perfect your digital photos after the fact. Draw that mustache you miss so much back onto Uncle Charlie’s face and erase the unfortunate one on Aunt Charlene. Let me show you how to crop, edit, and enhance your photos. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #12 – How to Use Instagram

(Chapter 19 “Picture This” on p.328)
A picture is worth a thousand words, right? In “Is This Thing On?” we talk about why you would use Instagram. With this video you’ll learn how to use Instagram. Click here for printable instructions.

Video #13 – How to Upload Files to Dropbox

(referred to in Chapter 21 “Put It All In Order” on p. 380)
Dropbox allows you to store and share documents, images, and folders. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use Dropbox. (Be sure to revisit Chapter 21 in “Is This Thing On?” if you’re still cloudy about the cloud.) Click here for printable instructions.

Video #14 – Speaking with Siri

(Chapter 24 “Extra, Extra Read All About It” referred to on p.440)
Learn how to speak with Siri – the iPhone’s voice recognition assistant. It won’t be long before you won’t be able to remember what it was like to function without her. Click here for printable instructions.

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There’s just wasn’t enough room in “Is This Thing On?” for me to show you everything I wanted. So, here are some bonus guides you can read online, download to your computer, or print.

Guide # 1 – Microsoft’s Apps in Windows 8 (mentioned in Chapter 11 “Shaking Hands” on p.129)
Do you have a new PC and you can’t for the life of you figure out the Windows 8? This guide will help you navigate what’s new and different. (We can kvetch later about why on earth Microsoft decided to make such drastic changes.)

Guide #2 – Google Drive Deciphered (Chapter 15 “Mind Your Ps & Qs” referred to on p.233)
With this guide you’ll learn the ins and outs of using Google Drive to work on, store, and share documents from any computer anywhere in the world.

Guide #3 – Word Processing with a Tablet (from Chapter 15 “Mind Your Ps & Qs” on p.244)
Writing your memoir may seem daunting on a computer and impossible on a tablet. Not true. Follow the steps in this guide on how to use word-processing on your tablet (or smartphone).

Changing Your Password
Changing your password can help keep your information safe online. But what should you change your password to and how? This guide will bring you through the process, step-by-step.

Glossary Of Computer Terms
Tired of not knowing what everyone’s talking about? Here are 11 pages of computer terms so you can impress with your techie vocabulary.

Grandparents Cheat Sheet for Staying in the Game
Don’t assume that your children and grandchildren have rejected how you like to communicate and have fun. Instead let me show you how to combine what you know and like with the technology out there. It’s a win-win.

How to Access the World Wide Web
Here’s a primer with simple and straightforward steps to access a website.

How to Create a Folder
There’s no point in storing your photos and documents if you can’t find them on your computer. Follow the steps and advice here to get organized with a filing system.

Intergenerational Ideas
This list of activities merges the best of what digital immigrants and digital natives have to offer each other. It’s the perfect marriage of skill sets.

Job Seeker Online Resources
If you know someone seeking employment, share this page of resources and tips with them. They’ll thank you later. (Be sure to also share the LinkedIn Guide that’s below.)

Keyboard Shortcuts
Whether you have a Mac or a PC you’ll want to print this list of keyboard shortcuts to have right by your computer.

LinkedIn Guide
LinkedIn is a must for anyone seeking employment. Here’s a guide for how to setup and get familiar with LinkedIn.

Over 200 Recommended Websites
You may have crossed the Digital Divide, but you could be hanging out at the shoreline. Here are 200 websites to help you venture further afield.

Recommended Spanish Websites
Here’s a list of websites just for Spanish speakers.

Test-Drive Form
Print out this test-drive form before you go tech shopping. You don’t have to fill it in – have your eager salesperson do it for you!

Travel Tips and Tricks
Take precautions so you don’t come home to a smartphone bill that’ll ruin your vacation after-glow.

10 Tips for Teaching Silver Surfers
Be sure to read these tips before you venture forth with teaching your favorite silver surfer.

100 Free Recommended Apps
Here’s a list for both your smartphone and tablet. Have fun!

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