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D10: Slow loading websites

QUESTION: Why does it take so long for some websites to open?

ANSWER: There are several factors that play a role in how long it takes a website to open. First of all, there is your connection. The slowest connection to the Internet is a dial-up phone line. The fastest are cable, DSL or T1 lines. If your Internet Service Provider (the company you pay for access to the Internet) is very busy it may also slow things down.
Next, the amount of RAM (random access memory) on your computer effects how quickly images appear on your screen; along with how many graphics or what type of images are on the website.
For example, I tried to access NASA’s website to see photos from Mars, but my computer didn’t have enough RAM and my phone connection was very slow. I waited a solid 15 minutes before I gave up, clicked the Stop icon, and moved on.