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Do you open the door to your home to strangers? I didn’t think so. Then why would you open an email from someone you don’t know? It happens more and more that fake emails arrive in your inbox with a subject meant to scare you into action: “Unsuccessful Attempts to Access Your Email” “Account Suspension” […]

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4 Part Series of Talks in NYC

I’m presenting a four part series of talks at the Senior Planet Exploration Center (127 West 25th Street). It would be great to see you there. Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone else you think might be interested. Friday, March 20th @ 1:00pm “Is This Thing On?” Navigating the Digital World […]

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BCC: vs TO: for e-mail

For those of you that send e-mails to more than one person may I make a gentle computer suggestion? When you send a mass e-mail, do not input all of your recipient’s e-mail addresses in the TO: address box. That choice exposes all recipients to each other’s e-mail addresses – something I prefer not to […]

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Geez G-mail

When I’m asked what free web-based e-mail I recommend it is NOT Gmail. I know, I know. Your kids and grand kids are all over you to use Gmail instead of AOL. I agree that AOL is inconsistent and not as compatible with many handheld devices, but Gmail’s design is not particularly “user-friendly” (a misnomer when referring to anything computer). I would suggest Yahoo over Gmail, but I understand that your family has more influence over your decisions that I do.

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Tidying an E-mail to be Forwarded

Are you receiving a massive number of forwarded e-mail jokes, petitions and chain letters? I know I am. What frustrates me more than an inbox full of impersonal forwarded e-mail is when those e-mails require me to scroll down and down and down before I get to the actual content, revealing incomprehensible routing information and […]

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Alaska Report #1 – Email While Traveling

This article is being brought to you from the beautiful vistas of Alaska. I’ve been here for a week with my mother, sister and a friend. If the opportunity arises for you to travel to Alaska, grab it! The first half of our trip was spent on a cruise ship where I wasn’t able to […]

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Spam – No Longer Confined To A Tin

I remember the day, many moons ago, when Mom tried to sneak Spam onto our plates for dinner. “Darlings, it’s just like meat loaf.” She never tried again. The spam you receive in your e-mail inbox is equally unappealing. Spam is another name for junk mail. In the same way that you get bulk junk […]

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Accuracy Counts With E-mail Addresses

In anticipation of a trip to San Diego I wrote this e-mail to a girlfriend who lives in Los Angeles: “Darling, I’m going to be in SD for 3 days. Nothing would make me happier than if you could join me. xo, Abby” Innocent enough, except I clicked on the wrong e-mail address in my […]

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A Warning About Virus Warnings

This week I received an e-mail from a friend warning about a virus that was likely to have infected my computer. The e-mail (which she was forwarding to everyone in her address book, as had the person who sent it to her and the person before that) instructed us to delete a file the supposed […]

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