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DayTime Tampa TV Interview

I had a great time speaking with Jerry Penacoli on DayTime Tampa when I was on tour in Florida last month. Here’s their write up and a video of the interview… Now updated and revised, the user-friendliest, most reassuring, jargon-free, smartest, and most comprehensive nuts-and-bolts guide for seniors, who are the fastest-growing demographic among social […]

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Interview with Carey Holzman

Carey Holzman and I have been crossing paths or years. When at the 2015 APCUG Las Vegas Tech Conference last month he and I finally got a chance to sit down and chat. Here’s our interview detailing what’s new in the revised “Is This Thing On?” A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies Technophobes […]

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Do You YouTube?

There are certain website names that just stick with us. Even if you’re not a big website surfer, you’ve most likely heard of Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Well, today let’s learn what YouTube is all about. YouTube is a website that allows anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, along with access to the Internet, […]

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What the F is Facebook?

If you want to know more about social networking, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn watch the video of my talk “What the F is Facebook?” hosted at the fantastic Senior Planet Exploration Center. Be sure to pass the video link on to those who are hesitant about social networking. Not to convince them to join, but […]

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4 Part Series of Talks in NYC

I’m presenting a four part series of talks at the Senior Planet Exploration Center (127 West 25th Street). It would be great to see you there. Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone else you think might be interested. Friday, March 20th @ 1:00pm “Is This Thing On?” Navigating the Digital World […]

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10 Tips for Teaching Computers to Future Silver Surfers

There are unique obstacles to teaching technology to a generation that not only wasn’t born with a computer mouse in their hand, but clearly remember when telephones were rotary dial. As a “younger” baby boomer, the transition to computers came a lot easier for me than it did for my mother. But, if she is any example, anyone can learn to use a computer with gentle, patient, and creative guidance.

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5 Suggestions for Staying in Touch

Do you feel like all this technology has you less in touch with your family? You’re not alone. Point by point you’re probably making MORE contact, but it could feel like the content of the communication is thin. In my interview, on CTStyle, I offer 5 suggestions of how to better stay in touch and have fun while doing it.

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Digital Photography Made Simple

My return to CT Style to demystify digital photography: Do you know the size of the image you want? Are you printing it or only sending it over the Internet? Here’s a guide for choosing the resolution (dpi = dots per inch): 640 dpi – for Internet use only 1024 dpi – Internet, as well […]

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