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H03: Camera losing photos out of batteries

QUESTION: Will my camera lose the photographs taken if the batteries run out? ANSWER: No. The photographs are stored on the memory card inside the computer. The memory card holds the photographs regardless of the battery power. However, low batteries can affect the memory card’s ability to do its job, so change the batteries as […]

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H01: Ofoto closing shop

QUESTION: I’m using Ofoto to store my digital pictures. What happens if they close up shop? ANSWER: Ofoto, owned by Kodak, is unlikely to be going out of business any time soon, but you never know. That’s why it’s so important to choose a website that’s been around for a while (and that will stay […]

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G05: Folders in folders

QUESTION: I’ve decided I don’t want a folder to be inside another folder. How do I get the one folder onto the Desktop? ANSWER: It’s as easy as click and drag. Just click and drag the desired folder out of its present home onto the desktop and release the mouse.

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G08: Renaming documents

QUESTION: I’ve tried a few times to rename a document, but the computer keeps refusing the name. ANSWER: Be sure there’s no punctuation in the name. Instead of punctuation, use spaces to divide up characters in a file or folder name.

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G06: Clicking and dragging does not work

QUESTION: Somehow when I click and drag, the document never goes inside the folder. What am I doing wrong? ANSWER: It’s all about the aim. Use a steady hand and don’t release the mouse until the target (the folder) is highlighted. Then, without moving the mouse, release your finger.

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G04: Locating documents on computer

QUESTION: I can’t seem to locate documents that I’ve written. How can I find them? ANSWER: If you have a PC, you can click on Start and then click on Search. Follow the instructions on where to type all or part of the name of what you’re looking for. A window will eventually open with […]

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G03: Instructions microsoft word

QUESTION: Where can I get more instruction on using Microsoft Word? ANSWER: Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a manual. You may notice the word Help in the Menu Bar. Help isn’t always helpful, but sometime it can be. Try it. Microsoft Word doesn’t typically come with a tutorial, but if your version offers one, […]

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G02: What is toolbar

QUESTION: What is the Toolbar? I don’t see one. ANSWER: At the top of every window there is a Title Bar; below it there is usually a Menu Bar and a Toolbar. If the Toolbar is missing, click on View, then click on Toolbars. Now click to the left of Standard. Repeat the same steps […]

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G01: Writing with insert key on

QUESTION: I tried to edit a document I wrote, but when I typed the computer kept deleting the text after where I wanted to type. What is happening? ANSWER: It is a simple fix for what can be a very frustrating problem. Depress and release the Insert key on your keyboard, and all will be […]

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