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Celebrate the 4th of July with the Help of Technology

3 Great Grilling Resources Online

BBQ Bible

Steve Raichlen is the King of the Grill. Visit for delicious recipes, grilling tips, and a store chock o’ block full of handy grill tools and, of course, his brilliant cookbooks.

Ask the Butcher

Ask The Butcher App is the place to go to become an expert on different cuts of meat and how to grill like a professional. (Android .99 ; iPhone $2.49)

BBQ Planner

Could you use some help organizing your party menu and shopping list? BBQ Planner calculates it all for you. More time to enjoy the holiday!

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My Favorite Grill Tech Gizmo

Before we discuss the divine iGrill 2, let me explain how the technology behind it works. Bluetooth is the wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate with one another. To clarify, WiFi is the wireless technology that connects your computer, tablet, or smartphone to the internet. Bluetooth is the wireless technology that connects your computer, tablet, or smartphone to another wireless device such as a printer, speaker, or, in this case, a meat thermometer. You heard me right – a meat thermometer!

iGrill 2

The iGrill2 requires that you download their App onto you iPhone (or iPad). Next you plug the iGrill 2 probe into your food, set the temperature alarm for whatever temperature you desire, and place it on the grill. Then close the lid, put your iPhone into your pocket, and just stay within a 150’ range of the range. All the while you can check the temperature of the food and the grill on your phone. An alarm will alert you that it’s time to take the meat out and let it rest. What could be simpler?

What’s a Party Without Music?

Eton Rukus Speaker

Now that you have all of that great music on your smartphone, how do you play it for your guests in your backyard? There are gadgets that let you play it through the radio, there are docking stations connected to speakers, but my favorite speaker is the Eton Rukus which utilizes Bluetooth technology (described above) with a wireless solar battery. No batteries, no cords, just your friend the sun to keep it powered up.

Abby’s DIY Tech Tip:

To increase the volume of your smartphone, but not fill your backyard with music, try setting the phone in a ceramic bowl…I kid you not!

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