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Protect You and Your Smartphone

When a cell phone was just a cell phone, loss or theft was an inconvenience. Because a smartphone is the gateway to your emails, contact information, and much, much more, loss or theft can be a serious security breach.

3 Tips to Protect You and Your Smartphone if it is lost or stolen:

1) Set a Passcode (Watch the video below and download the step-by-step printable instructions)
2) Activate “Find My Phone”
3) Set Auto-lock (Also saves battery life.)

Use the same caution as you do with your computer.
– Don’t open questionable emails or texts.
– Don’t click on links unless you are certain of their source.
– If you ask “Should I?” it usually means the answer is “no.”

Click here for printable instructions.

P.S. All the same tips apply to your tablet as well as smartphone.

2 thoughts on “Protect You and Your Smartphone”

  1. Bettie Davis says:

    Hi Abby my husband purchased your book, it is very helpful, just received the book I have to get into it. We are seniors. Abby I desire to build a blog that addresses my business as well as my spirituality, can I combine this blog, some kind of way or should I seperate the two. One other question I hired someone to build my store on line, and we ran into a little difficulty, I would appreciate you taking a look at it. And tell me if this is something to complicated for me. And maybe I should simply hire someone to finish it. Bettie and thanks. PS I click on the second info on store site.

    1. Abby Stokes says:

      Dear Bettie,
      Your website looks very good. What are the problems that you are having?
      It’s interesting the question of combining your spirituality with your business in a blog. My only concern is that you might alienate people who are not as spiritual as you. BUT, the beauty of a blog is that you can make it anything you want. So, if expressing your spirituality is very important to you and you want to combine it with your business, go forth!
      There is a new updated version of “Is This Thing On?” (different subtitle: A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming) coming out in March. The revised edition of “Is This Thing On?” is updated from top to bottom. The most significant change is that it isn’t just about computers now. Tablets and smartphones have been given equal attention and instruction. Newer technologies are discussed with a greater emphasis on explaining social media. The website ( has also been completely revamped and there are now video tutorials with step-by-step printable instructions to compliment areas of the book. It is really a “total tech” book now with the same jargon-free format. So, maybe you should ask for the new book for your birthday or Mother’s Day!
      So nice to hear from you!

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