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4 Battery Saving Tips for Your Smartphone

The last thing you want to have happen is the battery on your smartphone or tablet pooping out when you need it most. (Check out Chapter 18, Phone It In p.298, in “Is This Thing On?”).

Four simple ways to increase the battery life of your digital device are…

  1. Reduce Brightness
  2. Turn off wifi
  3. Turn on Airplane Mode
  4. Change Auto Lock setting
Click here for step-by-step instructions to all of the above for Apple or Android products

Below are two great smartphone and tablet chargers. One trim and inexpensive and one solar. Both can be purchased from the Store on

PNY battery

PNY T2200 Universal Rechargeable Battery Charger – under $10

The PNY battery charger is so trim and light, along with an irresistible price, that I bought a few. I distributed them between my handbag, travel gear, and glove box so I always have a way to charge my smartphone or tablet within reach. Click here to purchase the PNY battery charger.


Solio Bolt Battery Pack + Solar ChargerSolio Bolt

A great solar battery from Solio at a slightly lower price point that the Classic2 (also available in my store). This charger isn’t just for the iPhone. It’ll charge thousands of USB devices. Click here to purchase the Solio Bolt battery.

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