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Tips for Safely Shopping Online

online shoppingYou can’t see or touch the merchandise, so what makes online shopping so appealing?

The top three enticements are:

1) You don’t need to leave your home to do it

2) You can access retailers all over the globe

3) Shopping online can save you money

To ensure that your credit card information is safe most websites encrypt the page where you enter your credit card making it safer for transmission. You’ll know the page is protected when http at the start of the website address has an added “s” (https) for security. The good news is that if someone abuses your credit card your liability is limited to $50. The American Bar Association has created an informative website, (Note: It is .org, not .com.)

If a website is really confusing or poorly designed, feel free to abandon the mission at any time. In most cases, you can find the same item being sold on several different websites.

If you’re new to shopping online, get your feet wet with a visit to the website of a “brick-and mortar” store you’re familiar with. If you shop at Home Depot, visit their website: Is Macy’s one of your shopping spots? Visit

No one can save you from your own bad shopping habits online or otherwise. Step away from the mouse when considering the 1980s sweater that glows under black lights. It wasn’t a good idea back then, and it certainly isn’t a good idea now. Do you really need another circular saw? Aren’t two enough? Yes, I know it was a great deal, but stand firm. The convenience of the Internet can definitely feed the impulse shopper in all of us.

Practice restraint and enjoy your purchases!


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